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Yecas is the simplest and most effective way to look out for and solve the problems of our city.. To improve and promote ideas and participate in them so that everything works as we would like it to.

Yecas en acción

What is Yecas?

How many times have you noticed things in your city that you would like to improve? And how many times were you unsure how to change what you didn’t like because you didn’t know how to go about it?

Living in pleasant places improves our quality of life. Yecas, is a social network of collaborative management and citizen participation aimed at promoting the urban concept “Live the city you live in”.

This concept puts the emphasis on "living" in a city as opposed to just "using" it. If we as citizens agree to promote, defend and adopt this idea, improvements in public spaces that we share on a daily basis will be increasingly greater.

How does it work?

Yecas para ciudadanos

Yecas for citizens

A neighbour takes a picture of the problem and publishes his/her yeca. The town council receives the picture. The yeca receives support from other neighbours and so it increases in popularity. When the council solves the yeca, it publishes a ‘before and after’ photo.

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Yecas para municipios

Yecas for town councils

With Yecas we take micro-solutions very seriously. It might be more important for a resident that a fallen tree be removed from the front of their house than something else. Yecas has a 90-day free trial period for town councils.

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Any doubts? See FAQs below

The Yecas team

Pablo Bicego
Pablo Bicego
The mastermind

BA in Social Communication. Founder of Bukear and UTOPÍA. Former Secretary of Public Communication.

Diego César
Diego César
Wizard of illusions

BA in Marketing. More than 15 years experience in communications for large companies and government agencies.

Sebastián Arbona
Sebastián Arbona
The He-Man of technology

Engineer in Information Systems with MA in Data Management and Technological Innovation. Founder of Pizarra Blanca.

Juliana Victoria
Juliana Victoria
Pixel tamer

UX / UI designer. Graphic Designer and Master in Information Design. Founder of Fuxia Estudio. In charge that Yecas can be used also by your mother and grandfather.

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