Yecas for citizens

    1. Download the app free from Google Play.

    2. Once Yecas is installed and opened, enter and complete your profile data.

    3. Start searching your city to improve it. It's very simple:

    - Take a photo of the place where you find something to improve or change, propose an idea or even congratulate your local council. You can also choose previously taken photos.

    - Edit the photo, if necessary.

    - Publish your yeca* choosing a title that gives information, location** and the yeca category.

    * If another user has already taken the photo that you’ve taken, we recommend that you support that yeca to give it more importance.

    ** The app geolocates your yeca automatically and sends it to the corresponding council, once you’ve enabled location services on your cell phone. If the address shown is incorrect, it can be modified manually.

    4. Once step 3 is done, your local council can respond to your yeca.

    5. What else can you do with Yecas?

    - You can have group and / or private conversations with other users as well as with your local council.

    - Receive alerts on topics that matter to you about your city.

    - Follow other users who focus on topics that are of interest to you, and in turn generate more interest in those topics

Yecas for organizations

1. Register as an organisation by completing the registration form, using an official email account (in the case of town councils .gov).

You will receive a confirmation e-mail, and the system will provide you with a temporary password that you must use on the first login with your registration email.

3. Once inside the control dashboard, it is important that you change the original password to something more memorable from the “Town council profile" section.

4. What can you do in the town council panel?

4.1 Display the General Yeca List.

4.2 View an individual yeca composed of a photo, geolocation and user messages to start a conversation.

4.3 Create a "before and after" on a yeca, uploading a photo and title of the solution to be shown in the feed of yecas to all users.

4.4 See a color coded map of yecas in your municipality and their resolution status, and access them individually.

4.5 View and / or create additional area managers (free trial period)

4.6 Edit the profile of the town council and the mayor, add avatars / photographs and change passwords.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. It is free for individual users. For town councils there is a 90-day free trial period with basic functions such as: being able to see the listed or geolocated tickets on a map, create a "before and after" and dialogue with users.

After the trial period, there is a cost to use the service for town councils. (For questions & queries write to

We are working on it. We will have more news soon!

Yecas is for any municipality, no matter its size, you only need a computer to operate the control dashboard. You can offer the best solutions for your area, and best of all, you can communicate with your residents.

We are developing features such as:

- A real-time dashboard metrics, with management variables.

- Management reports, combining different indicators: zones, categories, managers, response time.

- Mobile version of the management dashboard, with the same features (APP INSPECTOR for responsible parties).

- Scheduled reports sent by email.

- Unlimited municipal alerts (street blockades, water cut-offs etc).

- Ad campaign creation

- Survey creation and publishing.

We are open and more than willing to listen to the requirements of town councils, so please tell us what you need, so we can think about new features and tools.